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Slow Art Workshop - Sunday 3rd July 2017

Huon Mallalieu, art market correspondent of Country Life and the author of the Dictionary of British Watercolour Artists and Karen Taylor hosted a Slow Art Workshop at Illustrationcupboard Gallery, 22 Bury Street. Huon started with a mussel shell (for grinding colours and mixing paints) from his charming 19th century paint box and gave a masterly summary of the history of English watercolours. Karen then spoke about talented amateur artists with reference to the Fairford Park scrap book and an in-depth discussion about copying revealed an area which needs navigating with care.

A fruitful examination of some badly damaged watercolours and deliberate fakes and forgeries followed. A lively discussion of the pitfalls which can beset collectors was had, and the session was finished off with a delicious glass of bucks fizz.

Karen Taylor and Huon Mallalieu
Karen Taylor and Huon Mallalieu