Luke Elwes: Springtime

The seven images from the ‘Waterline’ series here are intended to correspond to seven days, capturing the ever shifting line between water, earth and sky over the space of a week in Springtime.

The ‘Waterline’ series, a recent body of work on paper by Luke Elwes, is centred on the fragile wilderness of salt flats and tidal marshlands of East Anglia, and marks out the passage of days and seasons over the course of a single year.

Each image is begun and completed in one sitting – whatever the weather – and refers both to the immediacy of this encounter and the recollection of past experience.

These recurring moments become one of a sequence, forming a living record that reflects on the fluid interaction of water and ground while simultaneously employing the elements – rain, silt, river water - as both the medium and material in their making.

Luke Elwes, Waterline 20
Waterline 20 SOLD

Luke Elwes 2020

All works are mixed media on paper and measure 30 x 30 cm; 11 ¾ x 11 ¾ inches unframed, 44 x 44 cm; 17 ¼ x 17 ¼ inches and framed in a simple dark wood moulding. Free UK delivery.
All works priced at £1300.

Luke Elwes at work
Luke Elwes, Waterline 9
Waterline 9
Luke Elwes, Waterline 19
Waterline 19 SOLD
Luke Elwes, Waterline 25
Waterline 25 SOLD
Luke Elwes, Waterline 16
Waterline 16 SOLD
Luke Elwes, Waterline 24
Waterline 24 SOLD
Luke Elwes, Waterline 29
Waterline 29