Lady Emily Dundas (British, d. 1900)

A black and white dog

23 dundas dog_23 dundas dog_-800
framed picture

Watercolour with touches of bodycolour

6.5 x 8 cm


Lady Emily Dundas, née Reynolds-Moreton, was the fourth daughter of Thomas, 1st Earl of Ducie and sister of Augusta Raymond-Barker’s stepmother Lady Catherine Reynolds-Moreton, who married John Raymond-Barker in 1841 as his second wife. In 1847 she married Admiral Sir James Whitley Deans Dundas, G CB (1785–1862) as his second wife. He became the First Naval Lord in the first Russell ministry in July 1847 and they lived at Admiralty House. Thackeray records that during the 1850 season Lady Emily Dundas gave a party at which anyone who was anyone would wish to be seen (Jerry White, London in the Nineteenth Century – ‘A Human Awful Wonder of God’, 2007).

Provenance: Augusta Raymond-Barker, Fairford Park, Gloucestershire; thence by family descent until 2016