BADA Fair, Duke of York Square, London March 2018

We were delighted at the success of our first appearance at the BADA fair in Chelsea.


Karen organised Spink’s stands at the fair in the 1990s, and has always liked it as an elegant fair of a manageable size which is a pleasure to visit. It was good to be able to show some of our oil paintings and in pride of place was a magnificent work by William James Müller, compared by Hugh Honour, the great art historian of Romanticism, to the work of Rubens in his Images of the Black in Western Art. It was very well received and snapped up at the beginning of the fair. Sold by Spink in the 1970s to a private collector, Karen borrowed it from him for an Orientalist exhibition she organised at Spink in the 1990s, so it was pleasing to be able to find it a new home.